Deleting 86'd Items and Modifiers

86'd Items and modifiers automatically stop working after the end date and end time have passed. Below are the steps to delete/stop an 86'd before the end date and time have passed.

Deleting an 86'd item or modifier will not delete items from your menu it does the opposite. 

 1. Find which item or modifier 86'd you would like to delete 




2. Click the checkbox of the 86'd that you would like to delete/stop




3. Click the action drop-down menu above the 86'd and find the action called delete selected 86'd items/mods. Then click the Go button to the right of the selected action. 




4. This will bring you to a new screen shown below. Click on the red button that says "Yes, I'm Sure".



 5. This will bring you back to the item 86'd menu or modifier 86'd menu. If everything worked properly then you will see a notification at the top saying how many 86'd were deleted/stopped.




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