Order Email Notifications

What are Order Email Notifications?

Order email notifications are used when you would like to be notified of an order. You can set it up so that you will only be notified if the order total goes above a certain amount, by the number of items in the order, or if you'd like to get an email for every order.

How to create an Order Email Notification

Step 1. Underneath the menu, category click on Order email notifications

Screen_Shot_2019-06-07_at_2.41.37_PM.pngStep 2. Click on the button in the top right-hand corner that says "Add Order Email Notification" 



Step 3. You should now see a screen similar to the one below. Begin by selecting the location(s) that you would like to be notified of an order I only have one location so I will select that one.

 Please note that only sites in the chosen sites box will apply to the email notification. 



Step 4. Fill in the email(s) address that you would like to have the order email notifications separated by a comma.




Step 5. Now you need to decide if you would like this email based on the number of items or the total amount for the order. If you want it for total, you would fill in the min subtotal with the cost of an order you would like to be notified about.

 For example, if you wanted to be notified of every order above 50 dollars you would enter in 50 for Min subtotal.


Otherwise, you can fill in the min items, with the total amount of orders. For example, if you wanted to be notified of every order with 70 items you would enter 70 for Min items.




Step 6. Click the Save button  



Step 7. Now, whenever an order is created that matches your criteria you will get an email with the order information. 



Step 8. To see the full order information click "View Full Receipt"















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