Cleaning Up Images with Vector Magic

Using the website Vector Magic will allow you to vectorize logo images. This will allow an image of lower quality to be smoothed out and turned into a vector file which will allow the image to be rescaled without any loss of quality.
Below are the steps to logging into the website and how to upload an image.

1) Log into the website using the "Log In" button located in the upper-righthand corner


2) Once you are logged in, you will see a section in the middle of the page where you can upload an image via dragging it onto the "Drag Image Here" box or click "Pick Image To Upload" and navigate to the file in your file explorer.



3) After selecting your file, it will be uploaded, analyzed, and vectorized automatically, requiring no additional steps or settings.



4) Now that the image has been processed, you will see the original and the vector version side-by-side for comparison. You will able to download the vector image by clicking "Download Result" in the top righthand corner.



5) On the Download page, you will see a selection of file formats to download in, select the "SVG" button and it will download the new image in .svg format. This file format will be able to be set as both the Large and Small logo's in the menu skin section of the admin.


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