Type of Modifier Configurations

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(Note: you can mix and match based upon the item or category.)


No Modifiers 

This is the simplest option: just the item name + description + quantity dropdown.


Optional notes field: You can also add a notes field to allow customers to make basic requests of their own.



Removable Modifiers (Pick It Off)

If you have an item that the vast majority of customers order with everything on it, you can put the onus on them to "pick it off" by selecting modifiers they do not want. If they don't click anything, you'll assume they want the item with everything. 


*Additional notes field optional


Additive Modifiers (Click To Add)

Customers can click on one or more modifiers to add to the base item. Up-charges optional. 


*Additional notes field optional


Drop Down Lists (Select One)

Drop-down lists are best for when you only allow the customer to select one option (bread types for a sandwich, a combo side, how well they want something cooked, etc.).



*Additional notes field optional 


Defaulted Modifiers (Click To Add + Pick It Off)

If you have an item that the vast majority of customers order with certain modifiers, and other modifiers that are not selected as frequently, you can display it with the more common modifiers pre-selected. The customer can then choose to order it as is or to add/remove modifiers. 


*Additional notes field optional 



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