The Pizza Widget

Our Pizza Widget will allow you to set up a menu to display options for pizza toppings on either the left, right, or whole for each ingredient.

NOTE: The Pizza Widget will not work if used as a dependent modifiers, so attaching specially priced toppings as dependent modifiers to size modifiers will not work.


 To create these sets of modifiers, follow the instructions below

1) You will want to create your parent modifier group for your toppings, in this case we used "toppings"

2) Create your toppings and in the Widget dropdown box on the far-right of the modifier list, you will want to select "Pizza Topping" and click Save.


3) Create the modifiers for each of the pizza sides, left, right, and whole followed by the topping name. The order these need be in will be

  1. LEFT toppingname
  2. WHOLE toppingname
  3. RIGHT toppingname



4) The final step is to add those modifiers to your item and verify your work. If any of the topping is not being presented like they are in the first picture, double check your steps and ensure that the Pizza Widget has been set to each of the topping names and not directly to the pizza side modifiers.

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