Installation of the Window's Connector App For Focus Integration

The Connector app for Windows will allow orders to be directly deposited in the online orders folder for your Focus POS. 

The first steps will be to login to the admin and obtain the download and license key.

1) Log into the management dashboard and select the "Integrations" button on the left hand a panel.



2) On the Integrations panel, you will see a section titled "Install The on your Windows POS", below the title will be a button labeled "DOWNLOAD THE INSTALLER", click this and you will be lead to a page to begin your download.



3) While the application is downloading, click on the button "GET LICENSE CODES" to prepare to copy your license key during installation. Below shows you what your License Code page should look like.




The following steps will walk you through installing the application.

1) The first steps are the accept the terms of the agreement and begin installing the files




3) During the installation, it will ask you to input your license key. This will let the system know which location this application is for. After the key has been entered, the installation process will be completed.




Now that the program has been installed we will want to direct the app to deposit the Focus orders in the correct folder.

1) You will find the app installed in the bottom right corner of your Windows taskbar. You can load the options window by right-clicking the icon. From this menu, you will want to click on "Choose order XML directory".


2) You will now want to navigate to your Focus installation folder where you will find the folder "online orders", within that you will find a folder titled "orders", this will be the folder you want to select and click the "Open" button. The common directory for this step will be C:\Restaurantname\onlineorders\orders



Now you have completed the installation of the app and are ready to receive online orders.

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