Setting Item Schedules (Time Restricted Menus)

Setting item schedules will restrict the time that a person can select for their pickup time based on the items they have added to the cart. This will allow you to limit your breakfast, lunch, and dinner items to their respective time windows. You can also limit items to specific days, or a mixture of both different hours on different days.
Below we will walk you through the ways you can setup an item scheduled on an item.

 Adding an Item Schedule

Locate the Item Schedule portion on the item that you would like to add the schedule for and click "Add another Item schedule".


You will be presented with a blank schedule ready to be set. We will outline each option set below with how you can use them to configure your schedule.


Daily Start / End Time

The section highlighted in the blue box is where you can configure the ordering window for each day. This can be used to set a starting time for items to keep them from ordering before the set time or setting a daily end time to stop the item from being ordered after the set time. 

Below is an example of an item set to only be ordered for or after 11:00 AM. Please note that these fields are optional and you are not required to set both.



Weekly Schedule

The section highlighted in the red box allows you to configure which days of the week that this item can be ordered. This will restrict items to only being available for the day of the week and if a Daily Start/End time is presented, it will follow the rules of those hours as well.

Below is an example of an item that is set to only be ordered on Saturday and Sunday, and only allowed to be ordered until 11 AM.



Menu Start/End Day

The section highlighted in the green box sets a date range that this schedule will run for, allowing you to create a limited time only items. Orders with this item in the cart will not be able to checkout for any date outside of the range. You are also able to set a time range that this can run for, which is not the same as the Daily Start/End Time.

Below is an example that shows an item that would only be available from the very start of 9/28 and run through the entire day of 9/29. Orders for this item would not be able to check out if ordered for 9/27 or 9/30.




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