Receiving And Fulfilling Orders

Where will my online orders from the be displayed?

All online orders from the will be displayed within the "Orders" tab of your Square dashboard. Orders will also be viewable within the "Transactions" tab of your Square dashboard.

If you have set up your Square account to automatically print order tickets, the order information will also be displayed on these tickets. 


Do I need to hit "Marked as Ready" or "Marked as in-progress" buttons to notify the customer of their order's status?

These buttons are purely for employee tracking purposes. The customer will receive no notification of the order's status change when these buttons are selected. The customer will simply expect that the order will be ready at the time that they had initially submitted for pick-up/delivery. 


Can the accept "pay at store" or cash payments for my Square account?
All orders from The must be paid online. This integration does not support payment upon pickup.

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