Setup and add modifiers to your items

This article will show you how to add modifiers to items in two different ways i) by creating new modifiers or ii) adding existing modifiers (ones you have already created) to a new item.

Locate the item you want to add modifiers to

1. Click into the Menu Editor from the Admin dashboard


2. Locate the item that you would like to add modifiers to, click the options button and select “Edit item”


Create New Modifiers

3. Select the “New modifier” button, you will create a new set of modifiers that will be used on this item and can also be added to other items.


4. Enter the Category details for the name, if this set of modifiers are optional or required for ordering, and if the customer can select multiple modifiers or only one.


Optional or Required

This will determine if the customer can add the item to the cart with or without selecting a modifier from this group.

'Multi-Select' or 'Select Only One' 

Multiselect will allow the customer to order multiple choices from this section. Select Only One will turn this modifier group into a drop-down menu where the customers are only allowed to select one modifier. 

Enter Extra Cost

Prices for modifiers are entered here



Here we have an example of adding the bun options to our Kid’s Burger item. In the example below, you can see this will require the customer to select a modifier from this group and since they can only select one, this option will appear as a drop-down on the item page to only allow 1 selection. You can see that the Wheat bun will have a price increase of $0.25 and the Gluten-Free bun will have a $1.00 increase if they select these options.


Add Existing Modifiers

Once you have created a set of modifiers, you can apply it to other items with ease. Select “Existing Modifier” from the Edit Item panel.

In this new panel, you will be able to scroll through the modifier groups that have already been created and select the checkboxes of the categories that you would like to add to the item.


You can also use the search bar at the top to filter the categories shown to you.

Saving Your Modifiers to Items

Once you have finished entering your new modifier category and options, you will save with the “Save & Add” button at the bottom of the window.

You will see your new modifiers attached to the item and you can finalize these additions by clicking the “Save” button on the Item Editing panel.


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